1/2 Price Menu at The Rudder & The Studio… Again!

Get 1/2 off the menu at The Rudder today through Sunday and 1/2 off the menu at The Studio now through Wednesday (a little longer!). This deal won’t last forever so come in while you can! *Excludes Sushi


The Studio is now open every day at 11:30am and The Rudder will be open full time starting Memorial Day Weekend (Thursday, May 21st).

The Legend Jack Muniz Now Serving On Rocky Neck

Just like Jesus rising from the dead. 
Is it a coincidence that Easter is just around the corner? I THINK NOT!


JACK IS BACK ! Tonight at The Rudder!
Go show your boy some love!
PHOTO CREDIT: crazy carl

Editors note from Joey, Super K sent me this photo and I thought it was hers but it was from Crazy Carl’s Facebook page.

Half Off All Menu Items at The Rudder & The Studio!

Now through the end of April enjoy half off the entire menu* at The Rudder & The Studio (*excluding sushi). The Studio opens for a new season at 11:30am on Thursday, April 23rd. The Rudder will also be open at 5pm for dinner. Join us from Thursday through Saturday throughout the Spring. See you there!