Another Freebie Out Of Nowhere From The Serenitee Reward Card @MinglewoodTav- A Free Pizza

Good Morning Gloucester

So we were in the mood for pizza so we ordered a couple of pies from Minglewood. I show up to pick them up and for the fun of it have them check my reward card to see if there was anything on there to take advantage of. The guy tells me I have a free pizza on there, so #boom, didn’t have to pay for it!!!

It’s so stupid not to have one. I swear every third time I go to Lat 43 or Minglewood or Hale Street there’s a freebie on there, just for having the card and it costs you zero to get one!

Craaaazy not to have one.

If you don’t have one yet Here’s a link to fill out the form to in on the free rewards program-


Here’s the pizza I got tonight!!!!

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