Farm to Table to Paper

Farm to Table to Writing
A Special Workshop at the Gloucester Writer’s Center

Thursday, June 2nd
3:00 – 8:00 PM

Farm to table writing workshop.png


Farm to Table Workshop

Food. It’s literally what’s for dinner, breakfast, or lunch. It can be a lifestyle or even a moral or ethical choice. What should the fat, sugar, or sodium content be? Is it organic, conventionally raised, or genetically modified? So many choices, so many things to think about, so many possible dilemmas. Generally, though, when we think about food, writing doesn’t enter the picture beyond reading the words listed in recipes or employed in a review of the latest difficult-to-get-reservations-for restaurant.

That’s not the case for this workshop. Yes, it will involve food, but the focus will be on funneling our experience of food through writing. We’ll begin by gathering at the GWC and then going to opening day at the Gloucester Farmers’ Market, where we’ll talk to farmers about the foods they’re proudly serving up. After that, we’ll return to the GWC with our booty and cook up a light dinner. Depending on your preference, some of you will be sous chefs, others will hover over the stove, and still others will be servers. At every point in this process, we’ll ask questions; take notes; learn how to include other senses, not limiting ourselves to taste alone, and generate ideas. Your writings will be the evening’s rich desserts, a blending of words leavened with your wit, ideas, and observations. Your tasty creations can be poems, short stories, or prose confections. If you love food as well as writing, this is an evening not to be missed!

Please note: this workshop is open to people of all dietary persuasions, whether omnivores, vegetarians, or vegans. A hunger to express your observations and ideas is the only requirement.

For more information:
The Gloucester Writer’s Center is located at 126 East Main Street.