AJ’s Closing Words From Erica Duda

Erica Duda Morning everyone! I want to talk about the elephant in the room. I am the daughter of Chuck and the sister of Andrew. I am well aware of the reason why AJ’s is closed and will not be reopening.
First off, thank you for your patronage. Our family greatly appreciates your kind words about the food and atmosphere. We are truly sorry we couldn’t make the ship float.
Secondly, the reasoning. Most restaurants (I think the statistic is about 85%) fail. Running a restaurant is hard, getting people to work is even harder. People don’t come to work, people don’t show up for interviews, some people are overpaid but you need them…it’s just hard to find the right people. We decided as a family that it was the right thing to close. We are sorry to disappoint anyone, but it was our choice.
So please, be kind and courteous. Don’t spread rumors. Please respect our decision. Thank you