* Secret Sushi Service Pop up at "7 Central" in Manchester by the Sea on Nov.30th

Good Morning Gloucester!

* Secret Sushi Service Pop up at “7 Central” in Manchester by the sea on Nov.30th Wednesday from 6pm to 9pm.
Limited 70 seats by reservation only.
About Chef Sang Hyun Lee.
Sang, originally  from South Korea,  moved to the states on Sep.11th 2001. Sang has worked at many Japanese restaurants around Boston and the New York area over the  last 14 years.
Some Gloucester  locals  may remember him from Madfish sushi bar during the 2012/2013 summer season.
After Madfish Chef Sang moved back to New York City to continue his sushi skill under master Chef Kazuo Yoshida at “1or8” in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

Sang is currently sushi chef at Uni located in the Eliot hotel in Boston.

This will be Sang’s first solo pop up event. He is putting lots of energy and love into  the preparations for Wednesdays event. With special focus on the sushi rice. Sang will use a blend of two  top quality Japanese and Californian rice, cooked with Evian water,  mixed  with three different kinds of rice vinegar. Fish, strictly selected freshest local and seasonal Atlantic ocean fish will be served on top of his proud sushi rice. Don’t! miss out. You can purchase tickets at.

7 Central, Central St.

Manchester by the Sea.



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