Cape Ann’s Marina Resort and Mile Marker One are really excited for the upcoming change of season with some new improvements!

Cape Ann’s Marina Resort and Mile Marker One we are really excited for the upcoming change of season with some new improvements! The Bridge Deck will reopen May 3rd for its sixth season. When we started the Bridge Deck we wanted to offer up a great waterfront restaurant where you could get outside, enjoy the views, come by boat and have a good time with your friends and family. As owners, our vision was to be inviting for all guests and enjoy our marina, hotel, restaurant and a casual place to chill on the water.

The last few seasons the Bridge Deck catered to A LOT of guests, to the extent in the height of our season, it became too much to really make sense. We found ourselves quickly hiring excess staff, fixing damages to our property, fielding complaints and overall more expense just to handle the popularity of Mile Marker One which happened later into the evening hours. While this is a great popularity problem to have and we responded quickly, we are approaching 2019 a bit differently.

Our vision hasn’t changed we want nothing more than for everyone to enjoy, have fun and be safe. We will still be hosting live music and local talent. You will find talented musicians on the Bridge Deck and in the Dining Room offering up there acoustical rhythms. We have some great playlists ready to share while you dine outside and will be serving delicious cocktails, cold beer and exceptional wine into the late evening hours. You can still enjoy special performances from popular bands at the Waterfront Pavilion (big tent) on property, we are filling out the schedule in between our weddings , fundraisers, graduation parties, reunions and fishing tournaments too.

Our Chef, Chris Wheeler and new General Manager, Patrick Hurd are working on some great additions to all our menus as well as our service team. They both bring a lot of talent to many aspects of the entire dining experience. We are looking for new seasonal and full-time team members, so please apply within. Under the new leadership, service training and food experience will be the focus in which you can build your resume with great opportunity.

Spring is almost here, and we can’t wait to kick off the season with a fan favorite, the Herland Brothers on May 4th! Tickets are on sale on our website, and will sell out. This will be our first and last full band on the Bridge Deck, but we have plenty in store for the rest of the season, so stay tuned!

We continue to work with our bands and musicians and we thank them all for the continued support as we move into 2019 season.

Tobin & Drew Dominick