Savour Wine & Cheese APRIL 2nd Operations Policy Update To our loyal customers & new ones…Thank You for your continued support, shopping with us, & your trust in the hygienic precautions we have in place for our collective safety. Our plan is to remain open as usual, complying with city, state and federal guidance. To further enhance our hygienic initiative working to maintain a safe in-store shopping environment, minimizing risk, we require all customers wash their hands for 20-seconds, entering & leaving Savour. >Our two bathrooms, located next to our kitchen, are equipped with soaps, disposable paper towels, with doors remaining open. We hygienically wipe-down the washbasin with every use. >At reception/check out we have hand sanitizer and wipes for added hygiene >Please continue your in-store courtesy maintaining a 6-foot distance from other customers. >In addition to the hygienic wipe-down practices our team performs daily, we have increased the store-wide cleaning / disinfectant schedule of our local service vendor. >At check out, please read us your credit card information maintaining a 6-distance. Thank You Prioritizing our Free Delivery program to all Cape Ann communities. >For your convenience, peace of mind and a desire to limit social contact, we provide free delivery* Tuesday-Saturday, same or next day delivery. >We require a minimum order of $50**. including everything store-wide. >To maintain this free service focused first to meeting the needs of customers unable to / cannot & should not venture from home, we ask you to consider our curbside pickup program located directly behind Savour in our ample parking space. Ordering Curbside Pickup: efficient, easy… maintaining safety. >Call (978. 282.1455) or email ( ahead to order during regular business hours, Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 6pm. >We have your wine, cheese, etc. purchase history in our database for review, & welcome making recommendations including wine pairings. >With your credit card information, we assemble your order, set a convenient time for your pickup. Arriving, just pop the trunk & we’ll place your order inside! >What to order? everything Savour … wine, beer, cheese, charcuterie, breads, our own fortified chicken bone broth, chocolate & more… Consider Savour Gift Certificates… for a recipient’s enjoyment now or later, a direct benefit to the continued operation of Savour. Thank You. *We require a person 21-yrs to receive an order. Please provide your recipient’s phone # to confirm delivery **For our customers who are able to forgo discounts, (case purchases & wine club members), Thank You. This option contributes to the funds necessary to maintain the Savour team during these challenging time. Visit our homepage – – for timely updates on everything Savour. As we adapt to this fluid “new normal” for our mutual well-being, our valued customer relationship inspires us to maintain & to enhance a shared, quality experience. -Thank you, Kathleen Morgan & the Savour team. SAVOUR WINE & CHEESE – 76 PROSPECT STREET, GLOUCESTER, MA – 978. 282. 1455