The Market Restaurant In Lobster Cove Is Closing

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After a decade, we have decided to close our beloved Market Restaurant. Although this coincides with the closing of many restaurants due to the ongoing pandemic, this was a decision we made some time ago. Our priority right now is to create a lifestyle more conducive to raising a family. From the early days when The Market felt like a summer camp haphazardly run by a team of twenty-somethings to the well oiled machine it became in later years, two things have remained true; it has always taken an incredible amount of hard work and it has always been a labor of love. We poured everything we had into The Market and we hope that was apparent in the food, service and experience we provided. We want to thank our parents, step-parents, brothers and close friends for their ongoing support, but specifically for those early days when we relied heavily on their generosity and confidence in us. Support can take many forms and in this case included finding the location that would become The Market, giving us a place to stay while we moved from the West coast, bleaching floors, scraping gum off the underside of dining room tables, planting gardens, lending cash, painting walls and babysitting in later years (thank you Mom). We want to thank the best staff in the world. We have been so lucky to have worked with many talented and passionate professionals. In these crazy times, we hope that everyone realizes what we have known all along; the true meaning and character of essential workers. We think of you as family and always will. We want to thank our Annisquam and our Gloucester communities for welcoming us to the neighborhood and embracing us. Thank you for believing in us and letting us take over The Market. Thank you for the vases of flowers from your gardens, bundles of herbs, plots of land to plant vegetables, paintings, letters of support and of course your patronage over the years. And to all of our customers, we couldn't have returned year after year without your willingness to visit us on a tiny peninsula on a small (almost) island in a rickety building hanging over the ocean. We are humbled by your support and love. Thank you all. Love, Amelia and Nico

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