Don’t forget your Tonno meal kit for a fun night at home!

Be the Chef!
Chef Anthony Caturano has prepared four special meal kits in his Gloucester kitchen that you can order from Tonno and have fun making at home. Part homemade adventure, part chef-guided discovery; enjoy a date night by teaming up in the kitchen, making meals with your kids, or dropping them off as gifts. It’s a fun night for all and Chef has included everything you need!
Chef Caturano’s grandmother was born in the town of Prezza, nestled in the mountains of Italy’s Abruzzi region. Families to created unique, flavorful dishes with foods grown in their land, and this a way for Chef to bring a little of that ethos to your home.
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Four Different Meals
Choose from one of these kits that Chef has prepared for you:
Chicken Parm: Rigatoni, Plum Tomato, Shredded Mozzarella, Four Meatballs, Two Chicken Cutlets.
Veal Milanese: Rigatoni Bolognese, Arugula Salad, Two Veal Cutlets, Garlic Bread.
Filet Mignon: Mushroom Risotto, Two 8oz filets, Rabe With Garlic And Oil, Roasted Potatoes.
Cioppino: Tuna Tartare, Gem Salad, Cioppino for two.
All kits should be ordered 24 hours and advance and can be picked up at Tonno in Gloucester!
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