The Perfect Way to Wrap Up a Visit to the Sidewalk Bazaar… or Work Day

You’ve strolled along Main Street, checked out the great deals (50% off a huge selection of items at Life is Good anyone?!?), picked up some great gifts to stash away for the kids, and even toyed with the idea of buying a hole new wardrobe of flowy skirts… now what?


Head to Duncan Street, make a right and claim your seat at the Alchemy Bar for Appy Hour. Alchemy offers an Appy Hour menu everyday of the week from 5:00 – 6:00 PM at the bar.  The Appy Hour menu consist of a selection of delicious appetizers for just $6. Yes, just $6. Alchemy_Cocktail

So make your way to Alchemy bar at 5:00, admire your Bazaar purchases (Jessica, the fabulous bartender, will love checking out what you snagged), sip a cocktail and enjoy the Appy Hour menu.