BIG Shout Out to Seaport Grille

Good Morning Gloucester

As you know many of us celebrated our August 4th birthday at Seaport Grille!

There ended up being a few more of us than expected and the staff was amazing accommodating us!

When people have a great experience at restaurant very rarely do the managers receive good emails.

Why is it people always write about a bad experience.

I wrote a friendly note to the manager Lauren:

Hey Lauren,
I want to thank you for everything regarding the reservation.
I also need to praise your staff last night! We did indeed end up having over 20 people and Amber was so accommodating and made it all so seamless. Being the control freak I am, Amber was so calm and made it all work and didn’t even break a sweat.
The waiter we had, Justin, AMAZING! I also told him I was a control freak LOL and he was…

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